Tales of Amazons

Tales of Amazons


      This collection of jewelry is inspired by the epis myths and poems of Amazon. According to the tales, these  independent women were known for their strength, bravery and skill in battle. This jewelry collection celebrates their spirit and courage, with pieces that are bold and full of energy.

      Pieces are adorned with spikes, adding a touch of power to your style. But this collection is also tasteful and elegant, perfect for giving your look a boost of energy and glamour.

      The Tales of Amazons collection is sure to make you feel like a warrior goddess, ready to take on the world. Don't wait any longer, add some pieces from this collection to your wardrobe today!

      We would love to have you come and check our collections often, as we come up with new ideas and pieces daily. We are constantly updating our inventory, so there is always something new to see!